Every piece made with love

Expressing ourselves

We express ourselves through design. Clothes, shoes, the jewelry we put on, the make-up on our face and the way we decorate our homes. There are many times where we are unsure if we should wear something that’s different from what we are used to or buy something that is not a basic color, or try something that is a new style we’re not used to. We tend to stay safe in our comfort zone. Same goes for when we decorate our homes. We tend to stick to basics, safer choices, the grey couch and other furniture we think we won’t get sick of. Dinner Artware was created to help you dare take that risk and trust yourself. Try the new thing! The shoe that you love and that’ll make you feel more. The dress that’s yellow and bright . Decorate your home with your heart. Forget the safer choice and what you are just used to. I love bringing family and friends together all while setting beautiful tables and serving delicious food. These are just one of the ways I express myself. Art framed on our wall is one way to express ourselves. Art  on your table through placemats, dinnerware, and cooking delicious foods brings the meaning of art to an entire different level. 

Mix and Match Concept

Having the ability to mix and match your choice of dinner plate, accent plate, and placemat while serving your choice of cuisine will help you open new doors for yourself.It will bring more and more creativity while expressing yourself and bringing friends and family together. Mixing and matching, laughter, stories, and good vibes all will help in creating lasting beautiful memories.